Someone may ask , What is Entrepreneurship? The dictionary definition from Logman, Collins, Cambridge right to the Famous Oxford dictionary tell us a range of definitions and one or two things remain the same. that is ; taking Risk, willingness and Manangment . So in a layman language, Entrepreneurship has been described as the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks to make a profit and the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled. So here no dictionary describe it as a business or a job for a specific gender!

My second visit to Rhino camp in west Nile this year( 2019) and my encounter with the Urban Refugee women in Kampala, made me realised we don’t only have unfinished business but we actually have an untouched business. Thanks to DHORAN FOUNDATION for the sponsorship and its involvement in Livelihood and Food security activities. As I sat in a round table discussion with more than thirty-five women listening to their stories of triumph, I realised there is more to think about women than the usual ‘‘WEAKER SEX’’ phrase. Mama Eliza’s story of how she dedicated her life selling charcoal just to take care of her family of five and Mama Nyayan ‘s good work on educating her three daughters from making local beads and selling them. Or better deal Mama Chol who has a salon and cosmetic shops in Kampala and Mbarara district sum it as ‘‘incredible.’’ To mention but a few, these women have ripped examples and a sure deal that women can be in the business world and thrive. The above-mentioned individuals might sound and look small but give them little time. And believe me, the Tsunami of their success will hit you.

Now more than ever, entrepreneurship seems to be the profession of the future. Self-help aisles in bookstores across the world are filled with titles which promise to unlock your potential as a successful entrepreneur. Podcasts and videos on the subject generate millions of listeners and views every day. It seems that people are searching for the secret formula, the recipe for startup success.

The burning question is, what makes a successful entrepreneur? Countless examples have taught us that degrees, social circumstance, age, and ‘‘GENDER ’’ hold no weight. The unique background of each of the individuals in this article and the different courses which each of their careers have spanned is the testament to this. However, what characterises each of these individuals is the possession of an “entrepreneurial mindset”. Each entrepreneur, big or small, male or female aims to make an incontrovertible impact in their respective fields and are very likely to continue to scale even greater heights. Women tend to devalue themselves when it comes to success or achievements.

Being a successful woman in business means that you’ve learned how to ask for the things that you want. This may be more responsibility, a raise or a promotion. To be successful means you have learned how to say yes to opportunities, even if you don’t have everything you a position may require. It means believing in yourself and trusting your instinct. There are people out there who will doubt you and your ability to succeed in the business world, solely because you are a woman. But hey, there is no gender when the brain is involved.

The world and history have it right that it’s not money or gender that make one climb the ladder as we always think. We can start by selling milk until we are able to build a dairy product’s factory. Nothing ever starts big even a child crawls before walking. The famous Oprah Winfrey; media executive of Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN ), Indra Nooyi; an Indian American business executive and former CEO of PepsiCo., Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington; The founder of The Huffington Post, the founder and CEO of Thrive Global. Olivia Lum, Kat Cole, Ursula Burns. Will tell you nothing but willingness and mindset that took them to the top.

There’s an incredibly important takeaway from all of these stories. There is no “secret formula” for success, save for an indomitable, visionary mindset. These individuals come from a variety of different backgrounds, ages and fields, but are united by their acumen and tenacity to deliver. The percentage of women entrepreneurs is rising daily. In Ghana, women own almost half of the enterprises. Yea you definitely read that right. women own almost half of the businesses in Ghana, ranking higher than Russia (34.6%) and Uganda (33.8%).

You might expect more in the world and my South Sudan won’t be left behind this time.


written by Nyakueth B. Pal
Social and Environmental Activist | Writer and Poet

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